Cybersecurity and Compliance

We provide cutting-edge protection against cyber threats and ensure your business meets regulatory standards. Our holistic approach combines risk assessments, continuous security monitoring, and incidence response to safeguard your operations.


Protect your business with Satelight's cybersecurity solutions. We offer comprehensive protection strategies, from intrusion prevention to network monitoring, ensuring your data and operations are shielded against evolving cyber threats.

24/7 Proactive Monitoring

Round-the-clock vigilance is at the core of our cybersecurity services. Proactive monitoring means your systems are under constant surveillance, detecting and addressing threats before they escalate, ensuring your business operations are secure and uninterrupted.

Threat Detection

Stay ahead of cyber threats with threat detection systems. Leveraging the latest in security technology, we identify and neutralize risks in real-time, providing a shield against cyber attacks to protect your vital business data.

Password Management

Streamline your security with robust password management solutions. We fortify your digital entry points with strong, encrypted passwords managed centrally, reducing the risk of breaches and streamlining access across your systems.

Risk Assessments

Minimize your vulnerabilities with comprehensive risk assessments. Our experts evaluate your IT environment, identifying potential security gaps and providing strategic recommendations to fortify your defenses against cyber threats.


Satelight's networking solutions are the backbone of your digital operations, providing a reliable and high-speed connection that ensures seamless communication and data transfer across your organization.

Network Management & Monitoring

Experience consistent uptime with our network management services, offering a combination of real-time surveillance and proactive maintenance for optimal network health.

Compliance Software & Hardware

Ensure that your network infrastructure is not only robust but also aligns with the latest regulatory standards, protecting your operations from compliance risks.

Network Cabling

Lay the foundation for high-performance connectivity, supporting your business's growing demand for bandwidth with state-of-the-art cabling infrastructure.


Navigate the complex landscape of IT compliance with Satelight's expert guidance. Our services ensure your business operations not only meet but exceed industry regulations, fostering trust with your clients and protecting your company's reputation.

Compliance Assessments

Compliance assessments provide a thorough review of your systems against regulatory standards. We deliver detailed analysis and actionable insights, helping you maintain the highest levels of compliance and operational integrity.

Vendor Compliance Management

We ensure your third-party engagements align with industry regulations. We manage and monitor your vendor relationships to uphold compliance, mitigating risks to your business.

Vendor Management

Navigate vendor relationships with confidence through Satelight. We streamline your interactions with IT suppliers, ensuring seamless integration of services and technologies. Our approach mitigates risk, optimizes spend, and reinforces the quality of deliverables, providing you a competitive edge in your operations.

Vendor Liaison

Maximize the potential of your third-party IT solutions. Our role as your intermediary ensures streamlined communication and service delivery that aligns with your strategic goals, boosting efficiency and innovation across your projects.

Contract & License Management

We safeguard your IT operations with meticulous contract & license management. We navigate the complexities of software licensing and contractual agreements, ensuring compliance, optimal cost-efficiency, and uninterrupted software availability for your business needs.

Warranty Management

Ensure long-term reliability of your hardware and software. We meticulously track and manage your IT assets' warranty periods, providing proactive support and maintenance to minimize downtime and extend the lifecycle of your critical infrastructure.

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